Employee Assistance Programs—Solutions for People Problems
It’s a fact of life - problems affect us all. Your employees and their families are no exception. It is also a fact that these problems, over time, can and will impact your workplace. The impact can be very costly in terms of absenteeism and tardiness, accidents and injuries on and off the job, expensive workers comp claims, and increased employee turnover. Synergy EAP Solutions can tailor a program to meet the specific needs of your workplace. We can make a difference by helping your workforce find solutions before their problems impact work performance. This will include working closely with management to custom design and implement your program, which will include all necessary training for key personnel and orientations for employees. We can also work with you to establish, enhance and/or maintain an effective Drug Free Workplace program, supported by your EAP. We have been providing EA Programs to area employers for over 25 years. We are licensed by the State, and have professionals able to provide SAP services to those under the US DOT. Call us to see how we can help you!            
A good EAP can help you unlock the performance of your workforce, and increase the effectiveness of your most valuable assets -  your employees!
Management Consulting
Synergy EAP Solutions continues the EAP tradition of providing services to the organization, not just individual employees.  We remain in the role of the employer’s expert consultant on human dynamics in the workplace.  Our role is to be independent problems- solvers for the organization, whether on the micro level (counseling for employees) or the macro level (consulting with management on employee issues). We offer critical incident management services.  Our professional staff has been trained in CISM techniques, and can offer follow up individual services as indicated.  These services are available to non-contracted companies for a fee.  Call us at 1-800-226-7930 for more information. We can be a strategic partner in addressing the human factors in workplace productivity and safety issues.  We can offer insight into the impact of a myriad of factors on the workplace, including substance abuse and mental health issues, workplace violence, changing demographics and life transitions.
EAP Core Technology represents the essential components of the employee assistance (EA) profession. EAP core technology is:
Consultation with, training of, and assistance to work organization leadership (managers, supervisors, and union stewards) seeking to manage the troubled employee, enhance the work environment, and improve employee job performance; and, outreach to and education of employees and their family members about availability of EAP services;
Confidential and timely problem identification for employee clients with personal concerns that may affect job performance;
Use of constructive confrontation, motivation, and short-term intervention with employee clients to address problems that affect job performance;
Referral of employee clients for diagnosis, treatment, and assistance, plus case monitoring and follow-up services;
Consultation to work organizations in establishing and maintaining effective relations with treatment and other service providers, and in managing provider contracts;
Consultation to work organizations to encourage availability of and employee access to employee health benefits covering medical and behavioral problems, including, but not limited to, alcoholism, drug abuse, and mental and emotional disorders; and Identification of the effects of EAP services on the work organization and individual job performance.
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