Are you seeking assistance?
You can call the EAP at any time to seek help. When you come in for your first session with one of our professional counselors, we will help you clearly define the problem(s). We will also help you identify both your personal strengths to deal with the issues as well as the resources available in the community and then assist you in developing goals, and a plan to meet them. Additional sessions can be scheduled to help you with your progress toward your goals. If outside resources are required, your EAP counselor will help you find and contact the best one for you and your particular problem. The EAP is committed to confidentiality. All discussions between you and your counselor will be kept private, unless you consent in writing to reveal them.            
Need Help?
At certain points in our lives we can be overcome by life situations such as the death of a loved one, depression, serious illness, financial problems or marital and family related difficulties. Usually we can handle things on our own. However, sometimes these problems reach a level which could impair work, home-life or our general sense of well-being. When you are not sure where all the pieces of the puzzle go, or it seems like the problem or pain will never subside, the EAP counselors can assist you by helping you plan for a healthier and more productive life. The Employee Assistance Program has experienced counselors that provide professional & confidential short-term counseling, information, management consultations, referrals and many more services to our employees and their families. Instead of letting challenges accumulate into crises, let us help you develop the skills to minimize or even prevent problems.  
Your company cares
Your company provides this Employee Assistance program because it values you as an employee—and as a person. The EAP is meant to be a benefit for you and your family to help you lead a fuller, more productive life. Let us help you deal with your problems before they become overwhelming. 
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