Program briefing
   for top-level management personnel by EAP administrative staff to explain the program features and benefits, answer any questions and establish individual protocols.
Initial program orientation
for employees advising them of the full scope of the program.
Initial training session
    for supervisory personnel advising them of program policies and procedures and clarifying their roles, functions and responsibilities in the program.  These will teach supervisors and mangers how to utilize the program to help deal with employees demonstrating declining job performance, as well as providing the necessary components for reasonable suspicion drug testing training if required
            EAP staff will be available to provide a multitude of
workplace training seminars
     and educational workshops, for employees and supervisory personnel as well as critical incident stress debriefing, available at additional cost.
Our Certified Employee Assistance professionals will continue to function as consultants subsequent to program implementation, and provide
ongoing support
 for management in dealing with employee problems.
Assessment, appropriate referrals and case management
 for all supervisory/human resource referrals based on drug free workplace testing.
Case monitoring
 to track compliance and outcomes for supervisory referrals.
 on Drug Free Workplace policy and procedures issues.
Professional services provided, at no cost to the employees, include up to three (3) (or five, as selected) confidential counseling sessions per event, for short term counseling, assessment and (if indicated) referral for employees and their family members, with an unlimited number of events per year.  Professionally qualified staff available at multiple locations to provide assistance to employees and their immediate families to help them identify and resolve problems that adversely affect their personal lives and their job performance.  The counseling staff consist of experienced, credentialed, licensed professionals with expertise in the fields of psychology, social work, mental health, substance abuse, family counseling, and other human problems.  Links to both private and community-based resources are available if deemed necessary.
 with legal and financial resources for information and assistance in these areas.
Convenient counseling offices
 located in Fort Myers and Port Charlotte with affiliate offices available in Florida and other states.
 information board
A conveniently placed                                  at your workplace stocked with appropriate EAP literature addressing many of the issues your employee’s face.
Periodic reports will be furnished regarding program utilization, general nature of problems, disposition, etc.  These reports will conform to the laws governing client confidentiality.
All employee files will be the sole possession of the EAP, and will be maintained in strict accordance with existing laws governing confidentiality, including HIPPA.            
Supervisory Referrals
Every supervisor, at one time or another, has an employee with a job performance problem. Sometimes this is the result of inadequate training, insufficient tools, or other job related factors. However, many times it has nothing to do with the company, rather it is the result of a personal problem.
One of the primary benefits of having an EAP available to employees is that the supervisor may recommend the employee seek assistance before the employee's job performance reaches a critical stage. This assistance costs the employee nothing. The employee's problem remains confidential. The supervisor does not know what the problem is or if the employee has attended unless the employee gives written permission.
Additionally, a supervisor may speak to an EAP counselor to get advice on how to handle a sensitive situation. The EAP therapist will coach the supervisor on how to approach a troubled employee. The EAP provides a Win-Win situation for everyone concerned; the company, the supervisor, the employee.
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